Extrasystole Treatment and Prevention



In order to choose the correct treatment strategy, it is essential to determine the type of premature contractions and the place where they appear. Sporadic extrasystoles not associated with any cardiac disorder do not require treatment.

The treatment tactics includes:

  • Treatment of the underlying disease and elimination of the predisposing factors;
  • Giving up smoking, alcohol, or excessive coffee consumption;
  • If premature cardiac contractions are caused by any nervous system disorders or psychoemotional overstrain, then they should be treated with sedative medicines and nervine teas;
  • If extrasystole is a side effect of a drug, then immediate withdrawal of the drug is required;
  • Treatment with specific antiarrhythmic medications – in cases of the functional form of extrasystoles treatment is not required, whereas those resulting from serious cardiovascular conditions require treatment. The uncontrolled use of such preparations, or the administration of those which are not suitable for a particular case, are quite dangerous and may be fatal;
  • The ventricular form of extrasystole involves treatment with the radio frequency ablation method. This procedure is also indicated if antiarrhythmic therapy is ineffective or poorly tolerated.

Premature contractions increase the risk of arrhythmias and fibrillation (chaotic unproductive contractions).

The main preventive measures are:

  • Timely treatment of the corresponding diseases;
  • Early notification of any side effects provoked by medications;
  • Avoidance of stressful situations;
  • Intake of vitamins and minerals. The concentration of potassium levels must be controlled in order to provide successful prophylaxis of both organic and functional premature contractions;
  • Dieting. It is essential to limit the consumption of high-fat products, spicy food, strong tea or coffee, various herbs and spices, as well as alcohol. Smoking should be avoided.

Extrasystole is characterized by reoccurrence. The adequate treatment of the underlying problem will help eliminate this condition. Regular cardiac tests are recommended.

Note: Extrasystole, in most cases, does not reduce male performance capability, but it can be complicated by other more serious types of arrhythmia. Timely diagnosis of this pathology is essential, to find its causes and provide proper treatment of the underlying disease which causes this condition.



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