Choosing a Rehab Program


The following points are noteworthy:

choosing a rehab program

  • Time and place

    Is the location of the rehab facilities                 convenient for you?
    Is the facility nearby? 
    Do they offer flexible schedules?

  • Is a referral from your doctor required for you to participate in the program?
    If yes, will your referring doctor receive rehab progress reports. 

  • Does the rehab facility provide counseling and education services to your family?
    That is a significant benefit.


  • Do they have exercise physiologists, nurses, dietitians and counselors? 
  • All staff should be certified
  • There should be a doctor available to the rehab staff during activity sessions. 
  • Do they monitor your condition during exercise sessions? They should check your blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, oxygen saturation and heart rhythm. 
  • Make sure they provide emergency procedures
  • The rehab staff-to-patient ratio should be acceptable. The ratio should be one-to-one at the early stages, but later you can participate in small group sessions. 
  • Is the cardiac rehabilitation program covered by your health insurance

Cardiac rehabilitation is a long-term program comprised of different stages. After the conclusion of the complete program, the rehab coordinator should provide you with materials and information for maintaining exercise and dietary habits on your own.




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