Treatment of Heart Block


pacemaker to treat heart block

Using treatment for first-degree SA block is unnecessary, since it is well-tolerated by the patient. Sometimes, treatment of the underlying disease or discontinuation of use of certain medical substances also removes the symptoms of SA block.

The following drugs can be used to treat SA blocks:

  • SA blocks caused by hyperactivity of vagus nerve are well treated using atropine tablets or subcutaneous injections.
  • Sympathomimetics, including ephedrine and izadrine, can be used in order to stimulate the sinoatrial node.
  • In order to improve the metabolic processes within the heart ATP, riboxine, and cocarboxylase are used.

Patients with SA blocks should avoid using glycosides, beta-blockers, antiarrhythmics, potassium, and cordarone, since these drugs worsen the condition.

In cases when a sinoatrial block severely worsens the quality of life of the patient, a temporary or a permanent pacemaker can be implanted.


Prognosis for sinoatrial blocks depends on how well the underlying cause can be treated, on the degree of SA block and on whether the patient has other arrhythmias.







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